I love Atlantic salmon fishing. I was introduced to the sport when my Father purchased in 1952 a small lodge on the Southwest Miramichi River called the We-Lovitt-Lodge at Carrolls Crossing near Doaktown, New Brunswick. The caretaker of the lodge was Merle Lyons. Merle loved to fish and tied his own flies. I fished with my Father, Merle, my Uncle John Bartlett, and his son Nathaniel. Uncle John and Merle passed away and I was more interested in a business career. My Father sold the lodge in 1964 because it was not used.

This was a wonderful period where we flogged the water, caught a few salmon, had favorite fly patterns to which we were ever faithful. The truth is we didn't even know what we didn't know. Nevertheless we had a lot of fun. Happily, during this period the fish were not always aware of our deficiencies and we still caught some Atlantic salmon.

In 1998 I retired and made my first trip to the George River and stayed at the George River Lodge. I have been a regular customer for one or two weeks every year to the present. Atlantic salmon fishing on the George River, or any other Atlantic salmon River for that matter, is a challenge. So I started a log documenting such things as: time of day, weather, amount of light, fly pattern and size, water and air temperatures, and the number of fish raised, hooked, and landed.

Some of this data ended up in a spreadsheet which documents and compiles some important information about the sun’s role in Atlantic salmon fishing. The results of this work are in my book and on this website under this website’s link fishing tips. Sadly, my trips to the George River of Quebec’s Nunavik Province ended around 2010 due to sleep apnea and a concussion. In 2001 I started a relationship with the Matapedia staying at the Hotel Motel Restigouche mostly fishing the Matapedia’s so called Sector 1 close to its intersection with the Restigouche which also included the McCullum pool on the Restigouche itself. Unfortunately, my last year was 2015 when the hotel was unable to open in 2016; also in 2016 I was high bidder for three days at the Sutter salmon Club located at Carrolls Crossing, New Brunswick directly across the Miramichi River from where the We-Lovitt Lodge used to be located. The Miramichi of today is wider and shallower than the river I remembered from 65 years ago due to clear-cut logging which causes earlier river widening ice outs, raises summer water temperatures, and makes it more difficult for the salmon to complete their mission. In 2017 my trips to the Miramichi continued with a stay at Wilsons Sporting Camps in McNamee which is located about 8 miles upstream from Carrolls Crossing. Here I had the pleasure of revisiting the Porcupine Pool which was the site of my first Atlantic salmon landed at age 14 under the tutelage of Vin Lyons and a Mar Lodge Hardy™ fly.



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