How to Buy Buck Bug Magic: Catch More Atlantic Salmon

Buck Bug Magic has been available online at for the last 10 years. I have learned their retail prices can fluctuate but they take care of the shipping and for some like me who has enough at home Amazon takes a big load off my shoulders. My book’s market is limited so it is available only online. You will need an account and a password. When you click on Amazon at the top of the screen a long rectangle box appears with ALL on the left. Clicking on ALL brings up a menu and you click on BOOKS; then you enter Buck Bug Magic: Catch More Atlantic Salmon. Then the book displays with cover price, inside the cover information and reader reviews.

Sadly, age and caretaker responsibilities have ended my own fishing career but not my interest. I will be 85 in November 2022. I will be delighted if you buy my book. I make this promise to you. Here is my email address

I promise if I am alive and able to answer any questions you may have via email just as long as you buy my book. In addition, when my book arrives, I suggest you write my email address anywhere inside the book so it will be with you on trips.

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